Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ness Asbestos go live with Alpha Tracker

Asbestos consultancy Ness Asbestos has gone live with the Alpha Tracker asbestos software system from Start Software.

Ness Asbestos are a UKAS ISO17020:2012 accredited asbestos surveying company based in Inverness and can satisfy the complete range of asbestos requirements from management surveys, refurbishment/demolition surveys, management plans to re-surveys. They are accredited as a Type C inspection body and their asbestos surveyors are trained to BOHS P402 and S301 standards and have extensive experience in surveying various building types.

Ness surveyors testing their Tracker Mobile skills
Our trainer Kim has been in Inverness to train the Ness surveyors in the use of the back-office software as well as the handheld surveying application, Tracker Mobile.

Using Alpha Tracker should massively reduce the admin time necessary to produce asbestos reports whilst increasing consistency of data collection and reporting.  Use of the handheld data capture app Tracker Mobile (on Android or iOS smartphones or tablets) will enable sample data, photos and plans to be sent back to the Alpha Tracker cloud direct from site.

We wish Ness well and if they can help you with your asbestos surveying needs in Inverness or the surrounding area then please to get in touch with them via their website at

the Ness Asbestos website

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