Friday, 9 October 2015

Alpha Tracker - more asbestos consultancies are switching to our "cloud" solution

We've had a bumper week for orders for our asbestos software system Alpha Tracker.

Asbestos consultancies are switching to Alpha Tracker for lots of reasons - but one of the key factors is that Alpha Tracker runs "in the cloud".  This means that customers don't need a server in-house but instead can rent servers from specialist providers (such as FastHosts, Amazon or Google) and deploy Alpha Tracker remotely instead.

Google's cloud infrastructure

Will the "cloud" be a fad or is it here to last?  Nobody has a crystal ball but my bet is that it is here to stay.  Two of the world's biggest companies (Amazon and Google) have made it their core business and so that's a pretty sizeable endorsement.

If you're interested in switching your asbestos consultancy from a traditional desktop software environment to the speed and flexibility of the cloud, get in touch.

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