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May 2015's update to Alpha Tracker

We're combining the April & May releases for Alpha Tracker into a bumper update which will be ready in a couple of weeks.  You can find more information about the April release here: http://robinbennett.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/april-2015s-changes-to-alpha-tracker.html

The changes we are hoping to add in this month (in addition to those we listed in April) are:

616"No Samples Taken" to be shown instead of "Samples Analysed" on Project List
639Ability to duplicate sites
679Filter lab project list by Batch Number and Id
681Client portal should look for PDFs and DWGs for CAD drawings, not just JPGs
682Initial findings process - a "quick email" to a customer with the initial results from the lab
689More complete audit trail for client portal accesses
505Include "Sample Notes" onto Survey functions - Edit/View Samples, Edit/View Suspect Items, View Photos
530New security group Auditor, Limited to only their calendar, View only of project details, edit milestones and open site details with read only view of site details
513Provide option to change the labels on fields within the survey items screens - useful for clients working outside the HSG264 regime
711Enabling clients to update removal costs etc through Client Portal
704Limit the information a sub-contractor can see on Client Portal
704bLimit the information a sub-contractor can see on Client Portal (site groups)
714Improvements to the columns shown in Tracker Mobile
714bAdditional site staff names can be recorded in Tracker Mobile
557Specific appointment values available (eg trainee time)
127Client Portal - update your contact information page
263Further developments within plan hotspots
671New feature to disable deletion of client-added client portal documents
274Client Portal - incorporate calendar of actions
416Client Portal >> Asbestos register - Include colour coding of material assessment

We're constantly striving to make Alpha Tracker even better and even faster for our asbestos consultants, asbestos surveyors and asbestos consultancy clients.  If there is anything you can suggest to make the system better for you - just let us know!


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