Thursday, 9 October 2014

Start Software at the Alpha Software Worldwide Developer Conference

Dan & I have been attending the Alpha Software conference in Boston all week ( to learn about the new features coming into their products and how they will help Start Software to build better, faster, more flexible software for our customers.

Robin & Dan amongst the 150 other delegates
We use Alpha products extensively for our software systems (including Alpha Tracker) and we are Alpha's UK professional partners.  Using Alpha as a development framework means that we can build software systems quickly and for a wide variety of devices including web browsers on PCs and laptops, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones and even smart cameras.

It's been a great week - we've learned a lot, we've met other Alpha developers and potential partners from all around the world, and we've got to meet the Alpha staff who we deal with by Skype every day of the week.

On a personal note, I've also got to meet one of my professional heroes - Dan Bricklin - known as the father of the spreadsheet.

Robin with Dan Bricklin just before Robin's presentation to the conference

Dan hard at work finalising September's update to Alpha Tracker

Dan, Selwyn Rabins (Alpha Software's President) and Robin

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