Friday, 11 April 2014

Back to where it all started...

Dan & I were up with our friends at asbestos consultancy Franks Portlock this week working to help them switch over to Alpha Tracker.

Part of the growing Franks Portlock fleet

The Franks Portlock offices were once (many years ago!) occupied by Ensecon Laboratories and that is where the Tracker asbestos software started.  Building on experience we had gained from working with asbestos industry expert Steve Shutler, we worked with Johnny Armstrong and colleagues to create an automated business management system aimed specifically at asbestos consultancies and the result was Tracker!

It was good to be back - same building, different faces - and to spend time in Roker running along one my of favourite beaches.

It was even better to see John again at the Chaise Guest House - without question the best place to stay in this part of the world!

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