Friday, 11 April 2014

Alpha Tracker major update (SVN387) now available

We have just released Alpha Tracker update SVN387 as the April "major release" rolling up all previous minor updates into one package.  This update goes hand in hand with SQL database update SVN95 which should be applied at the same time.

The update includes:

  • an improved Survey Quick Start menu for easy access to client & project set-up, lab data entry and report production
  • new document folders for quotations and clients
  • an improved document folder window with file icons and more upload options
  • multi-select options for quotations and projects for use when duplicating them
  • improved lab data entry screens and faster lab processing
  • a new "contracts" section allowing long-term client contracts to be logged and tracked
  • improved cosmetics throughout including new icons replacing buttons for document generation, for example
  • automatic adding of buildings and sites during project entry for faster project set-up
  • a new Quality Control section on the survey screen for logging quality actions
  • plus lots more!
Survey "Quick Start" menu

Improved document folder

Improved cosmetics, new icons

New Contracts menu

Quality Control section on Surveys form

This update will benefit all asbestos consultancies and asbestos surveyors using Alpha Tracker - contact the office if you would like help to download and apply the update.

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