Friday, 21 March 2014

Latest Alpha Tracker updates (latest version is SVN332)

We've just released more updates to our asbestos surveying software Alpha Tracker and the following are now publicly available:

14.2.2014312Most screens now have option to export to Excel
25.2.2014324Improved "associated costs" facility for projects
25.2.2014326Minor changes to project list, survey screen, survey items, samples grid. Bug fixes in document requests, invoice lists. New report features
26.2.2014328Various minor changes to the projects grid, projects screen. Added new total fields onto the project list which are updated automatically from timesheets/associated costs. General improvements
3.3.2014331New lab dashboard
3.3.2014332We now support up to 5 document queues!

If you are using version 306 or later you can update your own system via the Setup menu.  Ring us on 0845 612 2402 if you need help!

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