Thursday, 28 November 2013

99.98% availability for Start Software's Alpha Anywhere-based systems

When we at Start Software design, build and deliver web-based software for our customers we don't stop working when a system goes live - we actively monitor how things are working to be sure that what we've created delivers what the customer wants and at the speed the users need.

We use Alpha Anywhere to build our systems - it's famous for being a great developer tool, enabling us to build software systems faster than other software houses, but we've also found that it is a very reliable platform for our systems.

Here's a good example - a great system that Dan built for a busy national property management business is now in use across the UK servicing requests for property maintenance tasks.  Looking at the monitoring stats for last month, we hit 99.98% availability:

How fast does it run? On average, each click from the user takes just 15 hundredths of a second:

That sort of performance is what we strive for - good-value software systems which are always available and which respond quickly for the users.  Good job Dan.

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