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Mobile Data Studio update for Android available

Our Australian software partners CreativityCorp have just announced the following update which will be of immediate benefit to all Mobile Data Studio users running on Android smartphones and tablets, especially our Tracker Mobile users.


A major upgrade to Mobile Data for Android is now available, to version 7.1.2 (build 76). The upgraded MobileData.apk file is available by Customer Login at http://www.creativitycorp.com/login and from Trial page at http://www.creativitycorp.com/mds/        
1. PRINT POINT is now supported to enable printing of HTML output from Mobile Data on Android devices. PrinterShare in combination with IO File Manager facilitates both printing of HTML and distribution via email and Dropbox. Setting defaults for PrinterShare and/or IO File Manager can streamline the process.

2. CAMERA POINT launches full function of inbuilt camera, with all controls and greatly improved user experience. Both smartphone and tablet cameras operate as we had always envisaged but required developments in Android APK to deliver. For use of camera images in the Sketch point it is best to use the ‘Lines’ option in Sketch point to wrap the image.

3. SESSION LIST COLUMNS are resizable by dragging on the column heading, columns manual adjustment can be reset back to zero by double tapping on the session column heading, user adjustments to sessions widths are saved and restored when the project is opened and closed, and tap to top of columns sorts sessions alphanumerically.

4. PROJECT UPDATE forced by TCP/IP is given effect if mobile user is within a session, on close of the session.

5. PROJECT FILE SIZE increase enabled, where previously project .ppc files of greater than about 3MB had poor performance on some Android devices. Such large projects containing images are now more likely to open and speed is improved.

6. LOGIC POINT outputs dynamic values, looks for "<%pointname%>" strings in the output value and does substitutions per Layout / Formatter points. This allows a Logic point expression to effectively ‘copy’ the value from one point to its output based on the condition of the logic. This will also be introduced for iOS and Windows Mobile.

7. ULTRADROP POINT filter is no longer case sensitive, consistent with Apple iOS and Windows Mobile.

8. GUIDANCE for points and pages now scrolls if the volume exceeds the Information box.

9. VERSION number is shown at bottom of Settings.

We encourage the deployment of the upgrade to your customers. Before upgrading, it is prudent to move sessions off the mobile device to the Mobile Data Studio server.


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