Thursday, 1 November 2012

Automatic invoicing posting to QuickBooks

We've just implemented a very cool feature in a customer management and order processing system we built last year for a growing sportswear supplier - Sportsjam.

They use QuickBooks as their accounts package and have been creating invoices by hand once orders are fulfilled... but the system we wrote for them has all of the information it needs to post the invoice. So could we do that automatically to save some admin time?


Using a QuickBooks add-in called QODBC we changed our Alpha Five written system to automatically create an invoice in QuickBooks on the press of a button.


Can we do the same for you?

Do you use QuickBooks as your accounts package and have a system written in Alpha Five or Microsoft Access that you'd like to link to QuickBooks in this way?  Perhaps automatically post invoices or other data?  Perhaps read information from QuickBooks (eg customer balances) and display them in your Alpha Five or Microsoft Access system?

Contact us for advice and to discuss your requirements.

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