Friday, 27 July 2012

Customer satisfaction results in for 2011/12

I always hold my breath when the results come in for our customer satisfaction survey... but I can breathe again!  2011/12 was an improvement on 2010/11 with the results in each category showing that customers are more pleased with us than they've ever been.

On average we're up about 5% on last year (and last year's scores were good) so - thanks to all of the hard work from the Start Software team - our customers are generally really pleased with us.

We scored 10/10 from more customers than ever but we also had a few concerning scores where customers felt that either we didn't have enough time to spend with them during training, for example, or development work took longer than we anticipated.  These are fair comments and we'll do our best to address them.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming.  You still have chance to send in your questionnaire by clicking this link:

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