Monday, 30 January 2012

Start Software helps test and build latest Alpha Five v11 release

Our relationship with Alpha Software continues to flourish and over the last two weeks we have been working closely with their development team using the latest "pre release" build of Alpha Five v11.

Our latest project is a prototype job, customer and financial management system for a company specialising in dealing with household insurance claims where asbestos products may be involved.  The software build is in two phases - a prototype to firm up the scope of the project and then the final build. The time-scales are very tight with the prototyping phase lasting just a fortnight and Alpha Five is proving to be perfect for the job.

Using the pre-release candidate of Alpha means that we can use the very latest features that Selwyn and the team are adding to the product and we are able to feed back directly to them to influence the next day's build of the product.

Already the prototype is a usable web 2.0 "Ajax" database system with fully integrated mapping and scheduling facilities (see this link for more details of what systems using Alpha Five v11 are capable of) .  We'll be polishing the prototype up this week so that the client can see the next release of the prototype on Friday.

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