Thursday, 13 October 2011

Start Software financial results announced - best year yet (again)

Our 2010/11 financial year has just come to a close (we run October - September).

We're really pleased to announce that group turnover and profit are both up on last year's record-breaking figures which means that this is another best year yet.  These figures are all the more remarkable because we have invested over £50K in a major new software product (to launch in 2012).

These figures are due to hard work from the staff, lots of focus on doing the right things and actively deciding not to work for clients who expect the earth and either don't pay on time or don't expect to pay at all!

We know we're far from perfect but we do try to do the best for our loyal customers.  We are committing to further expansion in the coming months to ensure that you are getting the service you want and deserve.  We are also going to launch some new service offerings to help you to make the most from our software.

Thank you for your continued business and support - we all really appreciate it.

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