Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Live Order Tracking now available within Tracker Web Server v1.5.256

We've updated and improved the live order tracking facility within Tracker Web Server.

You can now show your customers their orders in progress, orders complete this month, and all finished projects live from their login page on Tracker Web Server:

Example of the "Reports completed this month" view

Really usefully, the customer also has a live link to the project (for completed projects, shown as '1' above) as well as a prompt to send you a purchase order number if they haven't supplied one for that job ('2')!

There is even an automatic email facility to prompt the customer to send you new business:

The order tracking facility can be enabled and disabled per client and is off by default.

If you would like this update to Tracker Web Server and have a current support contract in place, please contact the office.

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