Monday, 7 February 2011

New Tracker facility - save Outlook emails in Tracker folders

We've just completed the work needed for a long-requested facility in Tracker - the option of saving Outlook emails into Tracker folders.

If you are trying to store all project- or client-related information in Tracker, the problem has always been "what do we do with information which has been emailed in?"  It is possible to manually save emails into Tracker folders but that is a bit of a pain whereas a slick method might encourage staff to share information more readily.

The solution has been to develop a new button on the Tracker client and project forms which can "read" the currently open email in Tracker and save the contents directly to the relevant Tracker folder.  It can even scan the whole of your Inbox looking for emails which mention Tracker project numbers, saving a batch of emails at one time.

If you would like this update (it is free of charge to all Tracker customers with an active support agreement) please contact Elaine at the office as usual.

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