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Milestone! 10,000th Alpha Tracker job booked in at Start Software

We use Alpha Tracker to run our own business.  Does that seem odd, considering most Alpha Tracker users are asbestos consultancies or water hygiene specialists and we are a software business?

You might be wondering why a software company like ours uses Alpha Tracker, a tool typically designed for asbestos consultancies, water hygiene specialists, and environmental consultants. The answer is simple: we believe in practising what we preach. By using Alpha Tracker ourselves, we're constantly on the lookout for new features and performance improvements. If something in Alpha Tracker bothers us, it's likely to bother you too, and this motivates us to fix it quickly!

Whenever a client requests a new feature or asks us to modify their asbestos report templates, for instance, we log that task as a project in our own instance of Alpha Tracker.  This method not only helps us track our work but also ensures that we experience the software just like our clients do.

We're excited to share that we've recently hit a significant milestone: the 10,000th project booked in Alpha Tracker! This achievement underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our users.

We've recorded 10,000 jobs here at Start Software

Keep the feedback coming and we'll keep improving Alpha Tracker! Get in touch here.

PS the 10,000th job was from our friends at Hampshire Country Council... a box of chocolates is on its way to them!


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