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January 2024's Support Desk performance stats are in. Maybe our busiest month ever!

Our Support Desk stats are in for January 2024.  Looks like one of our busiest months ever with 799 tickets raised.

I asked ChatGPT to analyse our stats and provide a summary and graph.  It did a decent job and here it is!

January 2024 vs the previous 5 months

The graph above illustrates our Support Desk's performance from August 2023 to January 2024, focusing on the percentage of tickets resolved in time (both overall and high-priority) and the total number of tickets solved each month. Key observations include:

  • Improvement in High-Priority Ticket Handling: There's a noticeable dedication to improving the resolution of high-priority tickets in time, with January 2024 showing a strong performance in this area.

  • Consistency in Performance: The in-time resolution rates for all tickets have remained relatively stable over the months, showcasing our consistent approach to maintaining high standards of service.

  • Increase in Volume: January 2024 saw a significant rise in the total number of tickets solved, indicating not only an increase in demand but also our enhanced capacity to address and resolve client issues effectively.
This graphical representation underscores our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in serving our clients.

We're the only software provider in our market able to offer unlimited, personal, 24x7 support so do get in touch even you need us.  We're here to help!


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