Wednesday, 4 March 2020

New Alpha Tracker Air Monitoring module available now

Our new asbestos software Alpha Tracker Air Monitoring module ("Tracker Air") is proving popular with clients.

Our new air monitoring software has some major advantages including a more flexible style of certificate printing. There is no direct printing on-site any more, the analyst sends the data into Alpha Tracker, the certificate is generated (using Word templates) and emailed back to the analyst (Word and PDF versions) which they can then print on-site or forward to the appropriate person.

To synchronise and receive the emailed certificate the analyst does now require an Internet connection or phone signal, but the benefits of using just Word templates (rather than HTML and Word templates) are clear:

  • flexibility and control over the formatting of the certificate templates
  • clients can have their own version of the Word templates – keeping the same content but customising the display
  • easy changes to the templates.

We'll blog some of the client stories and training sessions in the next day or two but, in the meantime, if you want more information please do get in touch.

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