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What does Chrome mean by "Not secure" on an Alpha Tracker site, and what can I do to fix it?

Google Chrome has started reporting websites as "Not secure" and even some Alpha Tracker asbestos software users have seen the message.  What does it mean and what can be done about it?

The Chrome "Not secure" warning (highlighted)

What the warning means

When a web browser makes a connection across the Internet to a web server it has to make a connection to send and receive data.  This connection has traditionally been made such that the data has been in "plain text" (unless a site specifically required data to be encrypted, for example on bank sites or when sending credit card numbers).

Sending and receiving data in plain text gives a theoretical risk that a hacker could intercept information in transit.  The analogy is a telephone call made between two phones where someone with enough knowledge could (in theory) "tap" the wire and listen in to the call.

The alternative to a plain text connection is an encrypted one, where data is sent and received in encrypted form and a hacker would be unable to intercept information in transit even if they made a determined effort.  

Google has decided that it is wise for all Internet web browsing to be encrypted and so has started to show the warning for sites not using a secure connection.

How can I remove the warning from our Alpha Tracker?

It is really simple to remove the warning.  Your company needs to buy an "SSL Certificate" which will enable us to encrypt data sent and received by your Alpha Tracker web server.  

There is a small set-up charge for us to add the certificate to your system and we can also give you advice about the purchase of the certificate, too.  Contact our Support Desk for more info.


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