Thursday, 22 February 2018

Alpha Tracker - did you know...? #10 - Super-flexible Re-inspections

Did you know that Alpha Tracker has the most flexible asbestos re-inspection options on the market?

Asbestos consultancies provide re-inspection services as a mainstay of their businesses, and Alpha Tracker has options galore:

  • you can re-inspect from a single asbestos survey (useful if your consultancy carried out the original survey)
  • you send collect all known data for a site and send it back to one or more handsets for re-inspecting... great if multiple surveys and re-inspections have been undertaken at a site
  • data imported from spreadsheet (perhaps from another consultancy or from information held by the client) can be used as the source of a re-inspection
  • during the re-inspection, your qualified asbestos surveyors can collect new samples (if they have been able to access a previously inaccessible area, for example)
  • you can schedule re-inspections and mark data to be delivered to a handset on a specific day... very handy if you are planning work days or weeks in advance.

If you want to know any more about our asbestos re-inspection options, do get in touch.

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