Friday, 14 November 2014

AlphaValidator v1.0.53 SVN19 released

This important update to AlphaValidator (v1.0.53 SVN19) gives the surveyor a new opportunity to "sign off" their submitted data before leaving site.

AlphaValidator is an important module within the Alpha Tracker family of asbestos software for environmental consultancies.  It checks data submitted by surveyors for problems or potential problems and emails them a "traffic light" red/amber/green report as soon as their data is uploaded.

This update to the module also enables the surveyor to formally "sign off" the data as being correct in their opinion:

Example AlphaValidator report with sign-off link highlighted
Please contact the office if you would like help applying the update.  Please note that your copy of Tracker Upload Manager needs to be at version v1.0.172 SVN34 or higher before you apply this update.

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