Monday, 2 June 2014

Alpha Tracker release SVN433/108 in beta test

More updates are being released this week for our Alpha Tracker software for asbestos surveyors and consultancies. This update, SVN433/108, has improvements in the following areas:

  • an improved project display window
  • an improved survey display screen
  • further client portal developments
  • a change to the calendar licencing method
  • bug fixes relating to suppressing priority scores for non-asbestos items
  • improved report set-up screens
  • new features for drop-down lists to help users to enter report parameters
  • an improved "wait" message when running reports (data extracts)
  • improved display of asbestos departments' activity stats in the home page dashboard
  • improved quotation facilities
  • PLUS all updates up to SVN420.

This update is in beta test and will be ready to download within Alpha Tracker later this week. Please note that it requires the latest database update too - contact the office to discuss if you are not sure how to apply the updates.

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