Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tracker Document Service - 150 documents per hour!

I visited one of our biggest, busiest (and best) asbestos consultancy clients yesterday for a catch-up.  They run 3 Tracker Document Maker Service queues from their Tracker system and their IT staff monitor their queues via an Alpha Anywhere dashboard we put together for them last year.

Yesterday I saw the queues running at 30 documents per hour (d.p.h.) each and was mightily impressed. Today, I've just had an email from their lead Tracker controller showing them running at nearly 50 d.p.h. each making a combined 150 d.p.h.! Very impressed indeed - it just goes to show how efficient a well set-up server farm running good software and managed by first-class IT staff can be.

3 Tracker Document Maker queues running at a combined 142 d.p.h.

Can your Tracker set-up beat 150 d.p.h.?  Let us know!

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