Friday, 8 June 2012

Tracker SQL Database Space Auto-check

Tracker works best with Microsoft's SQL Server database product.

SQL Server provides a secure, reliable and fast database facility and comes in a number of versions.  The most commonly used with Tracker is SQL Server Express Edition which has a strict limitation in terms of the amount of space that can be used in a single database.  SQL Server Express 2008 R2, for example, is limited to a database size of 10GB.

If you have an IT administrator they can keep an eye on the database size and perform database housekeeping if it is getting close to the limit.  But if you don't have IT staff on site, how would you know if you are getting close to being "full"?

We can now offer an automatic SQL database size check in the form of a new Tracker add-on.  This will warn you if the space remaining in your database is dangerously low and tell you what you do about it.

If you'd like this Tracker add-on, please contact the office.  The add-on takes a couple of hours to install and costs £200+vat.

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