Friday, 24 February 2012

SportsJam take delivery of Alpha Five system "Tracker 2"

SportsJam ( are one of the UK's leading sportswear suppliers, providing clothing and equipment to sports clubs, schools and other organisations.

SportsJam HQ in Shrewsbury

A busy business like SportsJam needs a fast and flexible system to process customer and supplier orders and they have been using a Start Software bespoke Microsoft Access system - Tracker - for the last 12 months or so.

Tracker has worked well but their growth has been such that they decided to replace Tracker with a new system which would automate many of the aspects of their business process, including:

  • automatic placing of supplier orders
  • quotation management, and
  • stock processing.
SportsJam management discussed their requirements with us and we decided to use Alpha Five v11 as the development platform with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Alpha Five enables us to build bespoke database systems incredibly quickly with the resulting system working entirely within a web browser making it easy to deploy and accessible from any Internet-connected PC, smartphone or tablet.

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