Friday, 9 December 2011

New multinational client for on-site data capture software and consultancy

We're really pleased to be partners with CreativityCorp, the Australian software development company which creates Mobile Data Studio (MDS).  MDS is the platform we use to build our mobile data capture solutions.  We have a relationship with CreativityCorp which enables us to influence the development of the product as well as benefit commercially.

CreativityCorp direct UK businesses to us when they need consultancy to get them up and running and a recent  call introduced us to one of the World's leading technology and manufacturing businesses.  Over the last few months we have provided consultancy and MDS licences to enable them to build mobile data systems for field engineers.

If you need consultancy to get your own business off paper and onto Android, iPhone or Windows phones or tablets to collect and process data on site, get in touch!

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