Friday, 4 November 2011

ISO 9001 renewed for Start Software with flying colours!

We've had our ISO 9001 assessment today (it is 3 years - unbelieveably - since our first accreditation) and we've passed with flying colours!

Kim is our Quality Manager and this is all down to her hard work and the team's constant focus on doing things "by the book" and keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

We know we're not perfect, far from it, but we genuinely try to work efficiently, keep customers informed at all times, and focus on the quality of the software we produce.  When an independent Lloyds' ISO 9001 quality assessor agrees and feels able to award our company this prestigious quality award with no reservations at all, it is really heartening and it affirms our belief in our company and staff.


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  2. This has been long overdue, but congratulations for your renewal! :) How has it been since your last assessment? ISO 9001 could really help a company throughout improving its maturity in quality management. Also, there would be better management control and reporting. In that way, the company would know from time to time on how its business is doing.

    Rigoberto Stokes

  3. If there's one thing more difficult than getting than elusive ISO certification, it's retaining it! So congratulations to Kim for her hard work, and congrats to the company as well for following the guidelines.
    Barton Wilson @